The Garrett Sands Kindness Project

"Work for what you want,
Achieve what you desire."

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Honoring Garrett

People all over the United States are joining in and helping out! Help others, help your community!


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Acts of Kindness

Please help everyone to remember Garrett by doing acts of kindness for those you know and don’t know. Garrett's kindness was recognized when he was the recipient of the Servant's Heart Award at the age of 14.

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A Note from Jayna

Garrett was 17 years old when he was shot, and he died. Throughout his life he encouraged and helped others, in ways that I never knew. At his memorial service, so many of his peers, family members, teachers, coaches, and a wheelchair-bound neighbor got up to speak and tell stories of how Garrett's kind heart helped them in some way. Garrett truly had a Servant's Heart. Even in death he continued to give, as it was his wish to be a donor. He was able to donate tissue to burn victims, corneas so others could see, and anything else from his body that could help others.

The sudden and tragic loss of my son is a heartache I will forever bear, and unfortunately what also comes along with that are unforeseen expenses that we were not prepared for.

Thank you, and bless you all.